From New York
I am a man who has most of what he would want in life except someone to share it with. I am only aware of the search for a serious lasting partnership with a woman who is ready for a serious lasting relationship mutually beneficial arrangement that is stable, reliable and honest above all, I keep to 110 % in my relationship, and I'm looking for someone who can understand that it takes two people giving on a equal basis to made a relationship work... that sometimes you can say things that hurt but you can find away to forgive. I'm looking for a woman who knows herself and is not to uptight about having a few good laughs... is strong enough to take chances even if others might not approve, I haven't been in love for a long time and I would like to be there again, If you're open minded and looking for fun, adventure and happiness, then you've found your man
Interested in: Girl
Age: 41 - 60
Goal: relationship/dating
I have kids, we live separately
Academic degree
Languages: English
  • United States
  • Ghana
  • all 2
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